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We integrate your technical systems in Viken and surrounding areas.

Gratech is a total provider of customized solutions for building automation and BMS, focusing on delivering the right automation solution for managing technical systems.

We integrate HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and BMS into a single system, focusing on delivering comprehensive solutions where interaction between technical systems and energy efficiency is paramount. We provide new installations, refurbish and upgrade existing systems, and offer automation service.

We perform our services in

We perform our services in

  • Healthcare buildings, nursing homes, and care centers.

  • Commercial buildings and offices.

  • Shopping malls and hotels.

  • Schools, sports facilities, and multipurpose facilities.

  • Industrial buildings, technical warehouses, and pharmaceutical centers.

  • Subway tunnels, railway tunnels, and airports.

  • Maritime and offshore facilities, cruise ships, and oil and gas installations.

Optimize your energy consumption

Our goal is to achieve unified technical communication on a common platform, thereby coordinating the management of ventilation systems, heating systems, cooling systems, lighting, snow melting automation, intelligent roof windows, solar shading, load control, room control, and alarms. This integration leverages the interaction between systems to enhance efficiency and optimize energy usage across various buildings.

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High-quality recognized products

Gratech is manufacturer-independent and always utilizes reputable equipment suppliers. This enables us to select the best products from all suppliers in the market, ensuring that our customers receive the right products of high quality at agreed-upon prices.