Heating and Cooling Stations

Seamless integration of heating and cooling

We design, program, and deliver control systems for heating and cooling plants. These plants provide primary heating and cooling for one or multiple buildings.

The heating plant can consist of heat pumps, district heating, electric heaters, diesel burners, gas burners, or solar panels, but typically comprises a combination of these.

With systems from Gratech, these components will operate collaboratively and in prioritized sequence based on factors such as current electricity market prices, biodiesel costs, or building heating demands. We design and build control panels, known as 434 panels, for heating and cooling plants.

District heating

Heat supplied by a district heating provider typically follows an outdoor compensation curve set by the provider, based on available resources. This temperature is often higher than necessary for the building, resulting in wasted energy and increased costs for the building owner.

What we do is integrate our systems with the district heating provider so that the building communicates its exact energy needs in real-time. This approach eliminates energy waste for the building owner.

Heat pump

A heat pump is a complex machine consisting of multiple compressors and typically includes its own control system and graphical interface for the user. To control one or more heat pumps, it's crucial for them to be equipped with a communication card. Heat pumps can utilize various communication protocols, and Gratech's solutions support all protocols available on the market.

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