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All Gratech solutions are compatible with IoT protocols, allowing seamless integration with most sensors available on the market today.

IoT typically refers to a sensor or an electrical component, with or without its own power supply, capable of transmitting information to other systems. Communication with an IoT device can be through a wired connection, but is most commonly wireless. There are numerous types of sensors integrated into vehicles, smartphones, smartwatches, public transportation, and buildings. These sensors are generally present in almost all places where we live and travel.

Seamless IoT integration

Gratech delivers systems that can collect such sensor information, translate and standardize it to send to a receiving center or SD facility within a building. Gratech also provides IoT sensors selected based on various customer needs and requirements, such as waterproof IP68 enclosures.

An IoT sensor can be used to:

An IoT sensor can be used to:

  • Measure temperature

  • Measure humidity

  • Measure CO2

  • Detect presence

  • Measure acceleration (motion)

  • Determine physical position

  • Detect open/closed positions

  • Detect identity

Solutions can further be divided into two important categories:


Here, the requirement is for all communication between sensors and equipment up to the end user to function locally within a building or location without external support devices. Simply put, the solution will operate independently of access to the internet, GSM, LoRaWAN, or similar networks. Such a solution is more robust and avoids the security challenges associated with off-premises solutions. In this setup, a sensor sends its data directly to the local receiver and end user within the building or facility.


The communication between sensors, equipment, and up to the end-user relies on the availability of external network solutions. Such networks can include internet access, GSM, or LoRaWAN. In this case, sensor data is transmitted over the internet to a cloud server solution. From this cloud, the data is forwarded to the end-user. If the system lacks internet access, all communication fails. The solution also depends on the operational status of the external cloud solution and ensures that communication is sufficiently secure to prevent data breaches or interference.

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