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Tailored solutions

Gratech is a general contractor in building automation, offering customized and flexible solutions to our customers in Oslo and the surrounding areas.

We specialize in automation and deliver scalable systems at competitive prices. As a general contractor, we also take full responsibility for all technical aspects of your building, ensuring remote connection and access to the customer's facilities.

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We provide prompt and efficient customer service, as well as guidance before, during, and after installation. We also offer advisory support during the coordination phase, with consulting engineers specializing in automation and ITB advisors integrated into the project.

We save our customers money and energy.

At Gratech, we have over 10 years of experience in the field, earning strong trust within the industry over the years.

We excel at uncovering our customers' needs and therefore produce forward-thinking solutions that save both money and energy. Our customers require a competent partner who can present them with excellent solutions featuring a green profile. Therefore, we provide comprehensive systems and enable them to make informed decisions on how the building will function upon completion.

Did you know that…

When needed, we are happy to develop customized service and maintenance agreements to ensure that our customers' needs and preferences are met.

Value creation

When businesses choose our solutions, they make an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice that leads to further value creation for their company.

With our robust and maintenance-free systems, they choose green technology that saves energy and simplifies their daily operations. They gain a clear overview of their building's operations and maintain control over building ownership and the system. We also provide them the ability to modify the system, with costs calculated through reprogramming, as well as preventative maintenance using machine learning and parameter settings based on forecasts and trends from the energy market.

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