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We deliver all building automation systems and have gained solid experience in integrated technical building installations (ITB). Therefore, we offer consulting and project planning in building automation.

We also offer specialized consulting related to:

We also offer specialized consulting services related to

  • Procurement and acquisition of automation and BMS.

  • Project execution and ITB role.

  • Independent verification to ensure project delivery quality and diagnose complex systems that are not functioning.

  • Analysis and optimization of energy usage in buildings, with measures to maintain comfort while saving energy.

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We have extensive experience in troubleshooting and repairing production lines, building automation, and other technical systems. Downtime, faults, and deficiencies can be costly. By conducting periodic maintenance, the likelihood of downtime is significantly reduced.

Service / Aftermarket

Our service concept ensures that the building operates safely and environmentally friendly. Gratech tailors its solutions to fit both the building users and its operational organization.

Remote support

Safeguards prompt support and access to qualified personnel familiar with the installation.

Visual inspection - functional test

Ensures early detection of faults. All deviations are reported with proposed solutions or rectified on-site.


Ensures that correct and updated configuration and software are stored outside the installation.

Optimization of control and energy consumption

To ensure energy-efficient operation without significant comfort reduction. Measures are implemented, extensive changes are reported, and reviewed with the customer.

Daily operational supervision and monitoring

Ensures that operational and graphical errors in the system are detected at an early stage.

Courses and training

To ensure proper competence of operations personnel. Understanding of operations is enhanced, ensuring that the client is capable of making adjustments to the facility themselves.

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