Streamlined energy management

We design, program, and deliver control systems for ventilation units, fire dampers, pressurized zones, specialized exhausts, central damper control, and optimizer solutions to achieve energy-efficient management of units.

Modular ventilation solutions

Our solutions are modular and expandable, easily adaptable to meet all requirements for ventilation needs. They are ideal for custom functionality or when the building owner desires complete access to control and monitoring of their ventilation unit. All ventilation components and sensors can be from different manufacturers and communication protocols, which we convert and standardize for communication throughout the building, using protocols such as BacNet IP / MQTT. All our solutions are web-based and come with a graphical user interface.

Optimizer solutions

Our optimizer solutions ensure that the ventilation unit operates at maximum energy efficiency by precisely determining the building's ventilation needs, thereby minimizing waste. This is achieved either by summing up all air volumes and providing this as an input to the unit or by maintaining a maximum damper angle for the dominant damper in the system.

Using the air volume summation method provides smoother regulation and is robust against faults in damper motors, making it the preferred method. If the maximum damper angle method is used, the solution will not function if there is a fault in one of the damper motors alone.

The choice of method is typically dictated by the quality of the selected damper motors, as well as the expertise and solution capabilities provided by the automation contractor. Therefore, Gratech often contributes as an active participant during detailed project planning in the early stages of construction.

Special exhaust systems

Special exhaust systems are often used where the exhaust air contains particles, gases, odors, or similar contaminants, and typically needs to be expelled above the roof. When special exhaust systems are employed in areas such as cafeterias and other zones with balanced ventilation, our solutions ensure that air balance in the zone is maintained while the special exhaust is in operation.

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