Room environmental control

 We design, program, and deliver heating and cooling control for various types of rooms such as offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, and more. Here, we coordinate so that rooms are heated or cooled only when necessary and in the most energy-efficient manner possible. We ensure to prevent simultaneous heating and cooling. Certain areas like changing rooms, bathrooms, accessible restrooms, or other wet rooms may also have electric underfloor heating, which we directly control from our systems.

Heating typically involves hydronic heating in floors or radiators, but can also include active heating via fan coils and supply air. In technical areas, air handling units (aerotempers) or fan coils are commonly used. For cooling, ventilation air is typically used, which is a few degrees cooler than the room's comfort temperature. Where balanced ventilation and VAV (variable air volume) dampers are used, our systems gradually open dampers to provide the correct amount of cooling to the room. The room may also have active cooling, involving a chilled water coil over a fan coil unit actively cooling the supply air to the room. We ensure to sequence and control these processes for maximum energy efficiency.

Room climate control often involves coordination among plumbing, ventilation, and sometimes electrical contractors. We take overarching responsibility to ensure that the room interacts effectively for both heating/cooling and ventilation. In most cases, we provide valves and actuators suitable for radiators/underfloor heating, and we supply valves and actuators for active chilled water coils above the ceiling. We also manage the control of ventilation air in respective rooms and optimize damper control.

With our solutions, we save the building owner on electrical wiring, reduce the number of components, and consolidate all control under a single system that manages the entire building. Through such design, we eliminate the traditional technical interface between plumbing, ventilation, and electrical contractors.

Our systems are easily expandable and suitable for both new construction and renovations.

Technical operations personnel can easily and clearly view all rooms on graphical floor plans, adjust set points, review historical trends, and diagnose issues for each room. The systems display just as easily on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

QR code room climate control. We provide our customers with the ability to easily override temperatures, CO2 levels, and ventilation by scanning a QR code for each individual room. This eliminates the need for physical thermostats and the thermostat itself. All that's required is to scan the QR code in the room. The user immediately sees a graphical image of their office/meeting room and can adjust desired temperature, CO2 level, request overtime ventilation, or override other aspects such as dimming lights, activating scenarios, adjusting solar shading, and controlling curtains. This centralizes all control and reduces the number of installed components in the room.

Our solutions are fully open and can easily integrate with other systems or BMS via protocols like Bacnet, Modbus, KNX, MP-bus, and others.