Energy measurement

Energy and consumption measurement for buildings and industry

We design, program, and deliver energy and consumption measurement systems, as well as analysis, for buildings and industry.

Energy and consumption measurement:

Energy and consumption measurement:

  • Thermal energy (water and glycol systems)

  • Thermal cooling energy (water and glycol systems)

  • Electrical energy (low-voltage and high-voltage, all sizes)

  • Water consumption

  • Calculated energy (difference calculation between meters, recovery efficiencies, flow/temperature for energy calculation, pulse counting)

Simple energy consumption monitoring

Our solutions handle all variations, logging and compiling all consumption measurements into a graphical hierarchy or tree structure. This makes it easy for users to track energy consumption throughout their facility, from main meters down to individual sub-meters. It quickly provides an overview of high-consuming areas where action should be taken. 

Sealed electrical energy meters

We provide solutions for sealed electrical energy meters that typically cannot be read conventionally, where we can retrieve energy consumption data with minimal intervention. In cases where it is too costly or physically impossible to connect a current transformer for reading, we offer simple, flexible energy measurement solutions for up to 1000A without impacting the physical installation.

EOS systems

We also deliver comprehensive web-based EOS (Energy and Monitoring Systems) where users gain access to analysis, reporting tools, and the capability to perform complex comparisons. Our systems can detect abnormal consumption patterns and provide users with alerts.

Automatic billing

We also offer our customers automatic billing, where the actual energy usage is divided per tenant/consumer and automatically invoiced without any manual intervention.

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