Sun shading

Shade yourself from the sun

We deliver the market's best and only solution for sun shading and solar accumulation without external facade sensors, designing, programming, and supplying sun shading systems for enterprise projects and directly to building owners.

We also collaborate with other sun shading providers by integrating their products into the building's technical network and management systems. Our system features an open interface and can seamlessly connect to the BMS (Building Management System). It manages solar reflection and shading from nearby buildings and can be easily controlled from a tablet or mobile device.

Take control yourself

Gratech has over 10 years of experience with SMI control (Standard Motor Interface) and has delivered numerous such systems. SMI is a standardized protocol for sun shading that reduces wiring and provides precise control to the user. This solution simplifies maintenance, enhances technical operations with better diagnostics, and reduces the number of building envelope penetrations. Many systems also utilize traditional relay control or KNX, and we support these as well. For example, we can easily retain the sun shading/motors during a retrofit while upgrading the control system to current technological standards.

Flexible and user-friendly systems

Our systems are flexible for expansions and can also be easily adjusted later on, for example, when two individual windows are to be controlled as part of the same room, or when an entire facade needs to be managed uniformly.

We fully support both horizontal blinds, vertical screens, awnings, and louver systems. These systems control each window based on the sun's angle and azimuth, making them independent of the time of year. They adjust based on neighboring terrain and buildings to maximize views while minimizing shadows for users. The system can easily be configured for solar accumulation, allowing the building to absorb solar energy on cold winter days by, for example, allowing sunlight into unoccupied offices.

The system communicates with the fire alarm panel and automatically moves to an open position during fire scenarios. It is also displayed on graphical interfaces for technical personnel, providing all information such as setpoints, measured light intensity, maintenance modes, and more.

QR control of sun shading

We provide our customers with the ability to easily override sun shading by scanning a QR code for each individual room.

This means we save customers from wiring physical blind switches and the switch itself. All you need to do is scan the QR code in the room. Users immediately see a graphical representation of their office/meeting room and can execute scenarios, override sun shading, or adjust other aspects like dimming lights, controlling curtains, and changing temperature setpoints.

Our systems also seamlessly integrate with, for example, Crestron AV panels in meeting rooms, consolidating all controls and reducing the number of installed components.

Our solutions are fully open and easily integrate with other systems or BMS (Building Management Systems) via protocols such as Bacnet, Modbus, KNX, and more.

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