Thermostat modernizes older buildings: Smart control of heating and cooling!

Optimal heat management in older buildings: Wireless thermostats for smart control without replacing heaters. Save energy and money!

Do you face significant challenges with heating control in older buildings? Are you involved in renovating historical buildings? Do your buildings rely on traditional panel heaters resulting in high electricity costs? We have a straightforward solution that can help.

We offer wireless thermostats for smart heating and cooling control:

Key benefits include:

  • Easily integrates wirelessly with BMS systems
  • Simple and user-friendly graphical display
  • No bus cabling required
  • On-premise solution (works with or without internet access)
  • Controls heating and cooling, measures temperature, CO2, and humidity
  • In buildings with traditional panel heaters, our thermostats can be used without replacing the heaters.
  • Additionally, the system can interface with a BMS via WiFi. This product is ideal for renovation
  • projects and older buildings. Implementing this solution will quickly modernize and provide control
  • over outdated heating systems that lack centralized management.

We often receive inquiries from property owners with older electric panel heaters or locally controlled radiators. By installing these thermostats, areas can be automatically adjusted based on occupancy, and users can monitor temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, and set their own comfort levels. Property owners can achieve significant energy savings by lowering temperatures in unused areas and preventing unnecessary high temperatures.

Energy Efficiency: Lowering temperatures in unoccupied areas or during off-hours can significantly reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills and more sustainable building operations.

Environmental Benefits: Reduced energy consumption also means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, contributing positively to environmental goals.

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