Strategies to reduce operational costs through automation

Energy savings have always been profitable, but with today's prices, initiatives represent a competitive advantage, a greener profile, and significantly faster payback periods for implemented measures

Gratech has for 15 years made our customers more energy-efficient, sustainable, and reduced costs for our clients. We summarize this in five tips that building owners can implement to achieve a more sustainable and cost-effective commercial building.

5 energy-saving measures that can be implemented to reduce costs in commercial buildings:

  1. Interface
  2. Energy overview
  3. Decision and implementation plan
  4. Adjust operating times and settings for technical systems, such as ventilation, heating and cooling systems, and snow melting systems.
  5. Evaluation and continuous improvement

Effective building automation can save unnecessary energy and money for all buildings worldwide. This is not only profitable for the owner but also very beneficial for the environment and individuals.

Expansion of measures:

Point 1 Interface:

It is important to have a solution that can store historical data and energy. For example, scalable and web-based SD systems from companies like Gratech.

Point 2 Energy overview:

A solution that allows connection of old and new energy meters in the building. There should be support for pulse, Modbus, M-Bus measurements. There are simple solutions for retrofitting meters where power or sealing cannot be interrupted. This will provide an overview of which parts of the building are most energy-intensive.

Point 3 Decision and implementation plan:

There is sufficient basis for making a good decision plan. Which measures should be taken first, last, and those that are not profitable.

Point 4 Measures:

Adjust operating times and setpoints for technical systems such as ventilation Heating and cooling systems as well as snow melting systems should be synchronized with meteorological forecasts and Nord Pool's energy exchange Gain control over common areas and rental spaces

  • Are lighting circuits on when the area is not in use?
  • Only comfort temperature in areas that are in use
  • Limit user-controlled maximum and minimum setpoint limits Install more energy meters to more easily identify and separate consumers in the system.

Point 5 Evaluation and continuous improvement:

Several of the measures are eligible for support from Enova and can provide immediate returns.

From 2020 to 2024, electricity prices have increased unusually high, which has affected us all, but there is always a solution. Measures can be quickly implemented to reduce electricity costs and thus minimize the total amount on the final bill.

We have the knowledge, technology, and solutions to assist with advice and implementation. We deliver to new facilities, rehabilitate, and upgrade existing facilities.

Gratech has support from climate partners that we are efficient in saving building costs through automation. If you want to achieve a more efficient and cost-saving commercial building, contact us.

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