SD-system at the UiOs serverpark

Gratech is engaged as the automation contractor for the construction of the Life Sciences Building at UiO.

With a modern equipment arsenal, the building becomes a valuable asset and is referred to as the heart of Oslo Life Science City.

"We are performing this contract as a subcontractor to Schneider Electric," says Inger-Lise Grabner, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Gratech.

When compared to existing educational and research buildings, the Life Sciences Building will house approximately twice the amount of technical equipment. Statsbygg, the building owner, emphasizes the significant need for coordination and collaboration in the project design phase.

The building will feature advanced research and teaching laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Situated in Gaustadbekkdalen between Blindern and Vinderen in Oslo, it will accommodate a large number of staff and students on a daily basis.

"Livsvitenskapsbygget is not just a large building for offices, study environments, and cutting-edge research, but also a social hub suitable for various events," says Grabner.

"The project consists of two phases, with the first phase being a collaborative effort involving all contractors, designers, Statsbygg as the building owner, and importantly, the users at the University of Oslo (UiO)," explains Inger-Lise Grabner.

"It's novel in this context that the collaborative phase includes all disciplines and designers, incorporating user equipment deliveries as well. Traditionally, buildings are constructed based on specifications that may not always align with users' desires or ambitions," Grabner points out.

The second phase involves the execution and construction of the Life Sciences Building.

She notes that separately handled user equipment deliveries can complicate the project's progress. To mitigate this issue, user equipment is integrated into the same scheduling as the rest of the project.

The Life Sciences Building will also be constructed using four strategies: Lean principles, systematic completion, logistics, and digitalization.

"Lean principles primarily involve optimizing project flow and minimizing process waste," she explains.

She adds that each week begins with work commencing in one part of the building, while another area is fully completed.

"Systematic completion is also a key principle in the project. For instance, we've already installed the SD system at UiO's server park three years before the Life Sciences Building's scheduled completion, allowing users, alongside us, to influence functionalities and content as the design progresses," says Inger-Lise Grabner.

Statsbygg states that the Life Sciences Building is a project with a high environmental profile, aiming for BREEAM Excellent certification. This is the second-highest accolade for the building's climate-friendliness. Moreover, the project aims to achieve a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions related to materials, energy, and transportation compared to a standard building in the same category. Beyond BREEAM Excellent, the project's energy goal is to achieve nearly zero-energy consumption.

Client: Ministry of Education and Research
Preliminary area: 66,700 sqm
Commencement/completion: 1st quarter 2019/4th quarter 2024
Budget: NOK 6.8 billion (including user equipment)
Contract form: Turnkey contracts with prior collaboration


  • Hent (site preparation and construction)
  • AF Gruppen (plumbing)
  • GK (ventilation)
  • Schneider Electric (automation)
  • Oneco (electrical)
  • Braathens Landskapsentreprenør (outdoor areas)

Design Group:

  • PGL Project Management: Ratio arkitekter as
  • ARCH Architect: Ratio arkitekter as and Cubo Arkitekter A/S
  • RIB Consulting Engineer Construction: MOE as and WSP as
  • RIE Consulting Engineer Energy:
  • RIM Consulting Engineer Environment:
  • RIV Consulting Engineer HVAC: Erichsen & Horgen AS
  • RIE Consulting Engineer Electrical: Ingeniør Per Rasmussen AS
  • LARK Landscape Architect: Kristine Jensens Tegnestue as and Bjørbekk & Lindheim AS
  • User Equipment: Nosyko AS