Did you know that our systems accurately allocate energy consumption to tenants and automatically invoice them?

With Gratech's energy-saving solutions, we streamline and save significant electricity costs for the building owner, while simplifying the billing process.

Our systems collect all energy measurements and allocate them based on the leased square footage. Additionally, it measures each tenant's individual consumption and automatically invoices accordingly.

Thermal energy, whether generated onsite or supplied by a district heating provider, is distributed based on actual needs and usage for each tenant.

Ventilation units allocate energy consumption among tenants.

Electric Vehicle Charging
The system also retrieves actual consumption per user for electric vehicle charging.

Simplicity for Building Owners/Property Managers/Commercial Building Operators
The task of calculating electricity consumption per tenant and invoicing will cease. This provides a much better and more accurate overview of electricity consumption.

Simplicity for Building Tenants
Tenants will see detailed breakdowns of their consumption, allowing them to adjust costs according to usage, once they understand where adjustments are needed.